What makes us standout

At Chilanga, you will only be met with a wide range of innovative and quality solutions to your building needs. As our business is constantly evolving, we ensure that our customers and stakeholders always embark on a journey of development and growth with us

The How:

Continuously Engaging

We are continuously engaging with our customers and stakeholders to monitor their needs. This helps us improve on the quality of our products from the testing and developmental stages, right up to the probation and introduction of new cement brands into the market.

Actively Contribute

We actively contribute to the country’s economic and social development, ensuring the growth of Zambia’s GDP, better housing and structures for all its people, and the maintenance of its natural resources


We are a growth-oriented, homegrown African brand whose proven track record of consistency in production ensures there will always be favourable conditions for the expansion and availability of housing developments

Safety First

We are a people oriented organisation that always upholds health and safety best practices for all its people and we are led by our mantra ‘Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for’.

Implementing Green Technologies

We ensure to always implement green technologies, perform and never neglect advanced environmental solutions and protection activities for the sake of protecting our natural resources, flora and fauna amidst of our manufacturing processes.

For Our People

We ‘go big for our people’. This simply means we create high value opportunities accessible to all; contribute to the development of local marginalised communities in the regions in which we operate; professionally develop our employees; and support the cultural enhancement and education of our regions.