This is built on a sound H&S culture. Our commitment is to conduct our operations with the goal of ‘zero harm’, providing safe and secure working conditions for our employees and contractors

Visible Personal Commitment (VPC) is a proven technique we employ in our approach to H&S. Managers are visible in their business units, achieving 27 600 hrs of visible personal commitment in the field. These hours, captured with the use of the Boots on the Ground (BoG) app have greatly contributed to the exceptionally strong H&S performance we continue to achieve.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to addressing environmental and climate change issues by reducing our energy consumption, CO₂ emissions, and water management. In addition, we dedicate to always preserving the natural habitats and their biodiversity, in the areas where our plants are located.

The commitment to safeguarding water is an integral part of our sustainability strategy. We recognize access to water as a right and promote initiatives to reduce the risk of water supply, especially in the most vulnerable areas.

Water supply is considered in the risk / opportunity assessment of our activities. Because of this, we promote efficient water management practices, through (but not limited to) recycling / reuse, and the minimization of freshwater collections.

Raw Material Extraction

Raw materials extraction represents the first phase in the cement production process. This phase has an impact on both the natural and the surrounding environment.

With our quarrying activities we link and prioritize three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through the following actions:

Digital Tools

Using digital tools in mining activities to increase efficiency, optimize resources and minimize waste generation and extract only worthwhile materials of a suitable grade and volume in an economical way

Developing Action Plans

Developing action plans for quarry rehabilitation, reclamation and biodiversity by identifying the goals and timetable, with consideration for integrating quarries back into the surrounding landscape or according to future land usage purposes- Chilanga Golf Club is one of our pride reclaimed quarry

Recycling Materials

Recycling materials from other industries.

Waste Management Brand

Eco Unit is a dedicated Chilanga cement Waste Management brand. The ECO Unit, a wholly owned subsidiary, founded in 2011, owns more than 50 subsidiaries in Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Chongqing, and the rest of China. The total waste disposal capacity is up to more than 6 million tonnes p.a. and covers six main categories:

Municipal solid waste (MSW)

Hazardous Waste

Wastewater Treatment/Sewage Sludge

Contaminated Soil


Medical Waste