We are always looking for exceptional talent to build our world-class team and who will be afforded the opportunity to excel and advance in their careers.


For this reason, we encourage personal and professional development of our people through initiatives aimed at increasing their skills and expertise; particularly from a technical point of view. This is fundamental to the sustainability and growth strategy of our company. 


As our industry is innovative, the focus is also placed on encouraging the acquisition of new knowledge to add value to the industry, and to improve the performance of our company. Talent growth within the organisation is key. It’s vital to embed best practice learning experiences in order to achieve this.


As the employer of choice in the industry, Chilanga Cement PLC is committed to ensuring that in every area of its operations, the skills, working conditions, law regulations, and professional growth of all employees are observed and enhanced.


We create opportunities for growth within the organisation through skills transfer and fair HR practices. In succession planning, we identify suitable potential resources to keep the vision and objectives of the business moving in the right direction.