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20th February 2023, LUSAKA- Chilanga Cement PLC last Friday walked away with three (3) Awards at the 4th Edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards, held on Friday, 17 February 2023.

The Awards, which were hosted by the Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zambia (CSRNZ), were held to honor Corporates, Non-Governmental Institutions, and Individuals, for their positive impact and contribution to the well-being of society.
Chilanga Cement was honored to receive three awards, namely
1. Best Environmental Excellence Award for Environmental Action in Education.
2. Best Community Social Impact Award in Housing and Infrastructure
3. Chairperson’s Award for CSR Innovation of the Year.

These three awards highlighted Chilanga Cement’s continued commitment to providing positive social impact and shared value in its communities, by addressing socio-economic challenges being faced in areas of education, housing, and infrastructure, as well as climate change effects.

The first Award of the evening; ‘Best Environmental Excellence Award for Environmental Action in Education (e-waste management)’ was received as a result of Chilanga Cement’s Eco Unit Department’s partnership with TCH an e–waste disposal company and Chudlegh House School for e-waste awareness.

The second Award; ‘Best Community Social Impact Award in Housing and Infrastructure’ was won through the Company’s CSR initiatives in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, towards the construction of houses for vulnerable people. Zambia currently faces a housing deficit of over 1.5 million, thereby denying many the right to shelter. Through these initiatives, Chilanga Cement is able to contribute to ensuring that people in various communities have access to safe and sustainable shelter.

Through this project, Chilanga Cement and Habitat for Humanity constructed 46 housing units for vulnerable families in Kamanga, Chainda, Bauleni, Linda, Chipilukusu, Mapepe, Makululu compounds of Chilanga, Lusaka, and Ndola.

The third award of the night was the prestigious ‘Chairman’s Award, for the CSR Innovation of the Year’. This Award was made possible by the pioneering green economy initiative of Chilanga Cement, under the ECO Unit department.

Eco Unit is the waste management arm of Chilanga Cement, whose mandate is to rethink waste disposal solutions for a sustainable future. The disposal of waste in the kiln with energy recovery called co-processing is more environmentally sustainable compared to disposal in our landfills.

On the morning of Friday, 17 February 2023, the CSRNZ and other stakeholders from various companies visited the Chilanga Cement plant for a familiarization and appreciation tour of the ECO Unit waste management process. The recovery of energy from waste was evident and clearly commended by visiting stakeholders and subsequently won the Chairman’s Award for Innovation of the Year.

Chilanga Cement PLC is grateful for the win and recognition of its efforts in creating shared value for all Zambians. The company understands the importance of corporate giving, and as such, remains keen to participate in community activities that are bent on uplifting the welfare of its people.