At Chilanga Cement PLC, we place people at the centre of all our dealings. Our “customer-centric” approach driven by modern innovation and traditional open communication channels ensure that we are able to respond effectively and timeously to market needs


core services

Customer Demands

To meet the demands of a rapidly changing market, we build lasting relationships with our customers in order to provide value-added solutions. These solutions extend from selection of the right product, right down to giving them adequate support during the design, development and construction phases.

We shifted from a focus on product and price, to placing our customers at the fore-front of our business. This shift has redefined our business operations to offering tailor-made solutions to meet individual needs.

Creating value for our customers sets us apart from the competition. We do this through always applying innovative solutions, unique value propositions (beyond conventional business) and ensuring to deliver on our promises.

We understand who our customers, end-users and influencers are, and we ensure we’re listening to them. This helps us gain insight into what drives them and what they value.

Creating value for our customers sets us apart from the competition. We do this through the application of innovative solutions, unique value propositions (beyond conventional business), and ensuring to always deliver on our promises.


1. Customer Accessibility

Creating multiple communication channels for easy access of customers (Toll-Free number, WhatsApp line, email, social media)

2. Digitization

Digitalizing the order process for all customers (The Lead Retail Application for self-service processing of orders).

3. Serving & Building

Serving the building needs of individuals and retail customers through innovative retail approaches- Afridelivery and Tigmoo eats. Concrete Laboratory for testing for concrete works and quality control. 

4. Operational Excellence

Focusing on achieving operational excellence through continuous improvement

5. Engaging Our Resources

Engaging our resources for best returns and cash generation

6. Customer Needs

Getting closer to our customers to meet their needs with increased speed, precision and creativity

Building Tomorrow, Today.