29th March 2021

Chilanga Cement recorded ZMW 291 million profit after tax for the year 2021

Chilanga Cement Plc has successfully held the 30th Annual General Meeting (AGM) today, 29th March 2022 via Zoom chaired by Chilanga Cement board Chairman Mr. Muna Hantuba who announced a 291 million Kwacha profit after tax for the year 2021.

Following the two interim dividends declared in September and November 2021, the members of the Annual General Meeting voted in favour of the Chilanga Cement PLC board’s proposal not to declare a final dividend.

Meanwhile, Chilanga Cement’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jianping Chai said the company will continue to focus on market development both locally and within the SADC region.

He further thanked the shareholders and Board members for their dedication and wise counsel, whilst extending his thanks to the customers for their unwavering loyalty to Chilanga Cement.

Chilanga Cement paid more than 142 million Kwacha in taxes to the Republic of Zambia in 2021. The performance was mainly attributed to increased exports by 34% which brought in more than 1.2 billion Kwacha equivalent of hard currency into the country.

About Chilanga Cement Plc

Chilanga Cement Plc is Zambia’s preferred provider of building materials and construction solutions in Zambia and the region. Chilanga Cement operates a network of facilities, which includes two integrated cement plants in Chilanga and Ndola, and distributes by road and rail to all corners of the country and the region. It employs more than 750 local people, providing additional employment to about 1,000 dedicated drivers. In the last 72 years, the company has helped shape Zambia’s infrastructure and economy, as well as generated foreign exchange for the nation through export to the region.

About Huaxin Cement

Chilanga Cement is part of the Huaxin group that was founded in 1907. Huaxin Cement has been known as “the cradle of the cement industry of China” and has made outstanding contributions to both national and local economic and social development during its history of over 115 years. Huaxin Cement has been certified as “AAA” of Corporate Credit Rating and the brand of Huaxin Fortress has been a well-known trademark in China. Huaxin has more than 270 subsidiary companies globally and is involved in the integrated development of the entire industry chain in the fields of cement, concrete, aggregates, environmental protection, equipment manufacturing, and engineering, as well as new building materials.

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